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Practices to promote agile organizational learning

We are experiencing a process of a deep transformation. Experts maintain that covid-19 has advanced the efforts that were estimated about the digitization of the organization by 5 years. Without a doubt, this requires a huge learning effort from individuals, teams and organizations in a short time. Organizational learning is key to transformation and agility for learning becomes the spearhead of the ability to adapt to the new context.  
However, the vast majority of organizations still have learning systems designed for another type of environment, more stable and traditional, which makes it difficult for organizations to learn and capitalize on what they have learned.  

A learning system is an environment designed so that people can access meaningful and active learning, by interacting with the environment and its different elements.  

The challenge, then, will be to promote a systemic and agile organizational learning model. 
The question is: how do we do it? 

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