Friday 27 November 2020

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Best fit: the key to innovation

Jon Ingham is a strategic HR Consultant, author of The Social Organization and creator of the Melded Network HR Model. In...

“Business is still about relationships”

There is no doubt that this 2020 has brought many changes to every single aspect of our lives and the organizational...

Fighting uncertainty with strategy

We live in times of great change; Organizations are facing complex and challenging environments, which require leaders who have the necessary skills...

The challenge of evolving in AI and HR

Integrating Human Resources and Artificial Intelligence is undoubtedly the challenge that almost every organization faces nowadays. Mark Stelzner, Founder and Managing Principal at IA and HR Tech Influencer, talked with Rocking Talent about the reason why the HR departments will have to mantain their flexibility and how the question “Why wait?” is so important when it comes to  transforming and complementing with AI.   COVID-19 has been an accelerator for the transformation of most...

Selling Versus Serving: Five Ways To Get Them Both Right

By: Grant Cardone  Selling versus serving: Five ways to get them both right. When it comes to successfully closing sales...
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