Talent & Learning

Inspiring in the battle for talent

We are at a time when talent is what really differentiates companies from each other’s. Steve defines himself as a Talent Hacker and talks about...

“The future of work is now”

Do you believe that the 2020 was a year that made us more human or not? Why?  I believe that 2020 was a year that...

Tips to Help Your Employees. Sharpen Their Positive Edge.

In every industry and every sector, I hear people complaining that they are overwhelmed because of staff and resource shortages. Everyone is being asked to do...

Tech + Analytics

Emi Labs, recruitment today using artificial intelligence

How did Emi Labs begin?  Emi Labs began in 2017 with Mateo Cavasotto and Andrés Arslanian, who after collaborating with an NGO dedicated to helping vulnerable populations, noticed that...

Connecting with the talent through AI

Ever since he first worked with the web back in 1997, Matt Alder has been fascinated by the emerging technologies that change the way...

Hiring beyond generic

With the urge for new technologies that help recruitment processes to be more effective we need to keep our conversations towards people, processes and...
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